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Meticulous Planning​
Installation , Testing & commisioning of Electrical Equipments
Installation , Fabrication & commisioning of DC bus Bar for Electrolyser application
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Our Specialization

Turnkey Projects for Electrical works

Right from estimation, engineering, procurement, supply, installation , testing & commissioning, of electrical equipments. for all kinds of plants. We believes in dedicated attention to customer needs and nothing illustrates this better than its Turnkey Projects in establishing Chemical, Petro-Chemical and Synthetic Fibre Plants. we believe in the involvement of experienced project and operations managers in every project phase, from estimating to commissioning.

metallic and non metallic piping, rubber lining, brick lining

Also we provide solutions for Fabrication of metallic and non metallic piping, rubber lining, brick lining for various chemical, petro chemical, fertilisers and synthetic fibre plants.

Bus Bar works

We provide complete solution towards Site fabrication, installation, testing of AC/DC Bus bars made up of Aluminum/ Copper.

Substation Equipments,supply, installation, testing & commisioning

We do complete Supply , Installation, testing & commissioning of Electrical Substation equipment like transformers, panels, UPS, battery chargers, grounding systems etc.

Illumination of the plant

We provide complete solutions starting from engineering , supply, testing and commissioning of plant illumination system which includes main lighting distribution boards, sub lighting distribution boards, lighting transformers, lighting poles, structure mounted lighting fixtures, decorative lights, DC operated emergency lights etc.

man power solutions

We have skilled man power specialized for DC bus bar fabrication work, plastic piping, rubber lining, brick lining , electrical equipment installation & testing which will be made available based on quantum of job or per man-day basis.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​